Teleporting Monsters Flag

Time to revise an old classic. I wrote a tutorial on Inside3d some time ago on how to make a spawnflag for teleporting monsters. One of the features I was proud of in the code was that the changes were centralised – you didn’t need to modify each monster individually to apply the spawnflag. Since the original is no longer live, but demand for the feature continues, I’ve decided to repost it. Continue reading


Map Jam 9

If you haven’t already seen, there’s a huge map pack out featuring maps inspired by Kell’s Contract Revoked episode. Go read the func_ thread to find out more and download the pack, or visit the Quoth Map Packs page if you prefer using the built in launcher in Quoth and want the packaged version!

Logic gates for 2017

Logic gates go back a long way in Quake, starting with metlslime’s tutorial for Quake 2 all the way back in 1998. I first came across them on qmap, the now lost predecessor of func_msgboard. In 2013 I wrote a tutorial on this blog on how to create a logic gate using entity hacks, to take some of the computer-made-from-dominoes out of them. Then in 2016 I edited that post to fix some bugs, and it turns out the fix I wrote was over-complex in some ways, and still deficient in other circumstances.

Given that, I’ve decided to write up my latest design for logic gates in a stand-alone article. Apart from providing a single place for new readers to get the design from, I hope that the simplification in the new method and the extra features it offers will be helpful for everyone.
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