Respawning Items

Goal: to create an item such as an ammo pack, which we can trigger to respawn. Place the item normally, give it a targetname, and add the following key:

"use" "SUB_regen"

That’s it. Pick it up, then fire the trigger, and it will respawn. Have it target itself with a delay of 30 seconds to replicate deathmatch rules. You can be more creative than that though, and have items that respawn after each wave of monsters or each time the player presses a button.

A Modelling Pipeline

Imagine that each time you added a room to a map, the rest of your brushes got snapped to a new grid. This is the reality of making a model in mdl format – the whole thing has to sit in a 256x256x256 grid, and any time a new animation strays outside of this grid the whole thing needs to be recalculated. If you were to animate a model starting with standing, then walking, running, attacking and dying, each one involves larger movements than the one before, so you would probably end up changing this grid with each new animation.

If you do this within a mdl editor like QMe in a single session, the vertices are stored at higher precision in memory. But if you save and reopen a model in mdl format you’ve fixed the rounding, and doing this often enough accumulates rounding error. I opened with a mapping analogy, and I invite you now to start thinking of making mdl files as being like compiling a bsp file. The mdl you get is something you rebuild if you want to update it, not something you edit directly.
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