Extra Healthy Monsters

Here’s a hack to get monsters with higher health levels than normal. We’ll start with how not to do it:

"health" "250"

We might hope that adding this field to a grunt would give it as much health as a death knight, but it doesn’t work, the QuakeC overrides our choice. This is an important principle of map hacks, we can only change the fields which the QuakeC does not set directly. It forces us to be more creative in the fields we choose to set, as we are about to see!

"armorvalue" "220"
"armortype" "1"

Add these fields to a grunt and it will take 250hp of damage to kill. This works because we are giving the grunt a property from the player – armour! The specific values we have chosen mean that it has 220 points of armour (twenty more than a red armour on a player) and that the armour absorbs 100% of incoming damage (red armour absorbs 80%). Once all the armour is gone, the 30 points of health the grunt started with gives it an effective total of 250.

Although this is cool, please consider the players of your map. They have an expectation of what the monsters should behave like and how tough they are is a major part of this. Adding some warning text like Legend tells of a shambler in the caves, as tough as twenty ogres would be a courtesy. Another side-effect to bear in mind is that most monsters decide on playing pain animations according to how much damage they take. Damage to armour does not count towards this.

This is not a new map hack, but I do have a novel application for it today. Apply it not to a monster, but instead to a shootable button! This seems pointless given that you can already set a button’s health. The difference here is that when the button resets, its health is restored, but the armour isn’t. This means you can create a button which takes more damage to activate first time than on subsequent times round. While I doubt anybody has been waiting for such a hack to come round, perhaps someone can find an interesting use for it…


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