Forcefield, Smoke


Two models in one download today, because both need to be seen in motion to be appreciated, and they come with a single test map to show the pair off. The snazzy gif above is just a prelude.

smoke.mdl is a model of a plume of smoke. It comes in a variety of colours, and it’s a cinch to add new skins to.

field.mdl is a forcefield effect not a million miles from the fizzler in Portal. It comes in four colours, and comes with a dead simple looping animation, along with three sequences you can use to make seamless start-up, looping and shut-down animations.

Both models are in the “test” directory of the zip file. To run the test map you need quoth. Extract the folders into the quoth directory and then load the mdltest map from the console. Since the models don’t extract into the progs file, it’s easier to clear up once you’re done testing – just delete the whole test directory, then the map.


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