Crane and Helipad



Two models which I thought were nicely made, and so worth saving from the old site, even if they might not be widely useful. They’re basically buildings you could use in a RTS mod, a repair crane and a helipad, with roughly matching styles. The crane comes in two halves, the upper portion is pictured, and there’s a base to go with it. It comes with a full colour skin which doesn’t change it all that much, and has one animation sequence where the arm lowers and raises. I even found myself tweaking this model before I uploaded it, it’s one of the first models I made that turned out really well!

The helipad predates the crane and it’s not as good – mostly due to the skin. I was still trying to work out how to do all the things I evangelize about now, like true uv mapping, so it has an odd shaped skin that it doesn’t make best use of. You can see the result is quite blurry in the screenshot. Still, it makes a decent companion to the crane, and it doesn’t seem worth reworking it to proper standards given the limited scope for a model like this. It does come with a full colour skin if that helps!


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