Arch Window


Here’s a model which has been languishing in a not-quite-finished state – setting up this site has driven me to fix it up and put it out. It’s a gothic arch window designed to suit a medieval map, and intended to be used in conjunction with map geometry, as pictured above. In the example there is nothing behind the window, but it also goes quite nicely with a stained glass brush backing it. The model comes with a single skin based off quake textures.

Lighting tip: It is important to match your model to the light level of the surrounding walls. Please remember that models in quake are lit according to the brightness of the ground directly below their origin. If your model is too bright, you can add a light with a negative brightness and “wait” “3” directly above the window ledge. Happily the small dark patch this might introduce into your map will be concealed by the central pillar of the window.

For best effect you will need to build your geometry snug around the model. To this end it has been carefully designed so that the outer vertices are snapped exactly to grid. This explains the second frame that the model has, which is not meant to be used directly but sets the extents of the model correctly. While it would be possible to remove this frame, leaving it in makes the model more resilient in the face of editing.

The window is 16 units deep. Please refer to this useful diagram when constructing your geometry:

The entity in the centre of the diagram marks the origin of the model


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