Submachine Gun

Submachine gun


Another classic model, with lots of extras which hopefully makes up for the less than perfect modelling qualities. It’s a fairly generic looking rifle with a cleanish look, it could pass for a conventional bullet-firing gun or a more esoteric laser weapon.

Getting the negatives out of the way, this was an early success in skinmapping experiments. It relies on the skin still splitting into back and front portions, but having those portions split and flattened, and so the usage is not brilliant. The skin width is not a power-of-2, although this could be fixed on the basic model with a small stretch. The picture above clearly shows the seam on the handle where smoothing isn’t applied correctly, which would not happen on the model were it made today.

On the plus side, the model comes with a bunch of variations. g_rifle.mdl is the basic pickup model, and v_rifle.mdl is the same model with a hand and firing animation. The other variants were created by Dr Shadowborg, with a different clip design and all new animations – the firing animation is more convincing and it comes with a reload sequence as well. Not to mentionthe akimbo variant to double your firepower. The pack also contains the original full colour skins.


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