Tri-plasma gun

Tri-plasma gun

Here’s a classic model that I still hold affection for. It’s a weapon model, modelled as a plasma gun with three rotating barrels. If you’re creating a mod to use it in, please make sure that you don’t just reset to frame 0 when the gun falls idle, as this will look very bad in engines with interpolation, and slightly ugly in other engines. There are pause frames at 0, 5 and 10, so animate up to the next one before you stop.

The model does have some technical deficiencies. The base frame has been left in the model – the skin is generated from a two-sided planar map of that frame. This process was extremely fiddly, and error-prone. You can see on the final skinmap that some triangles are stretched between disjoint blocks and aren’t correctly painted. There are also some unusual decisions with lots of very thin unwrapped segments. I probably wouldn’t do the skin like that again, it’s made the effective texture resolution very low. However, the hard edges it creates between various segments of the weapon do give it character.

Fixing the technical faults of the skin wouldn’t be too hard now. However, I’d want to give it a sensible sized skin with powers-of-2 sizes at the same time. That would require careful reworking of the whole skin – lots of which is painted with pixel-level patterns that wouldn’t scale up automatically. So rather than put in the hours that would take, I’m going to present it as a work of it’s time. If you’d really like to use it but the errors bother you, give me a shout and I’ll see what I can do.


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