XM8 Rifle

Download xm8.zip

Another classic weapon model being uploaded here. Quite a rarity for quake: it’s a model based on a real weapon. The actual XM8 rifle never got past the prototype stage though, so we avoid seeming too realistic. The model comes with a basic pose, plus a second view model with a firing animation as well. Both models have full colour skins included.

On the technical side, this model has a reasonably good texture map. At the time it was made, the skin had to split into a front and back half as it was created from a carefully shaped frame and a two-sided planar map. The skin wastes a little space because of that, and the I erred towards caution when it came to splitting things too much or permitting any distortion so it isn’t the best tesselation. The texture size is also “reasonably good”, in that the basic model has a 128×256 skin, but the view model has a hand added so the width is no longer a power-of-2 size.


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