Download ogre.zip

This is a replacement ogre model, based on this drawing by metlslime. The aims for this model were to make a higher quality model than the original, while keeping to the Q1 mdl format. So while the skin uses only 25% more memory than the original ogre, the texture map is much more efficient so we get greatly improved resolution on the model. The model clocks around 950 polys, but that doesn’t exceed the quake limits in any engine. It also features facial expressions, which I haven’t seen in monsters for quake before!

The zip comes with two models, the regular ogre and a matching head gib. The ogre has a full compliment of animations (including the chainsaw pull animation which is unused in stock quake) which sync with the original model. So this file can just be dropped in a progs directory and replace the original ogre with no QuakeC work. It also comes with full colour skins for both models, although the high colour skin was painted with conversion to the quake palette in mind, so it doesn’t make much difference.

Shortly I hope to upload the source files for this, so people can use the md3 files as a higher precision version, have an example of a monster for the model pipeline, or create ogre variants using the gmax file (I’d love to see rocket ogres with a distinct model and tweaked animations!).

Quick historical note to explain a weird decision on the skinmap. The two halves of the tunic are on separate portions of the model. This was due to feedback on an early version that the ogre needed to have blood splatters. I was averse to adding them initially because on several quake monsters blood was used as a crutch to conceal ugly skin seams, and the clean model made it clear this was no longer needed. In the end I was persuaded to add some blood, and I wouldn’t take it out now. However, to create a convincing splatter I had to un-mirror the front half of the tunic, and the only way to squeeze it in was in the bottom corner of the skin.


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