Today’s model is in the shape of a dome. The model comes with three designs of skin – a metal skin based on Kell’s Knave texture set, a dome for ikblue with an interior based on Islamic designs, and a tiled dome. The tiled texture comes with a number of colour varients because they were fairly easy to create – the model has traditional tile red (which would go well with Gloom Keep style maps), brown, green, and blue (to match blue wizmet type textures). You can try and make your own textures but there are some complications – the whole skin is mirrored multiple times and it’s hard to get clean lines on the bottom of the dome because it doesn’t unwrap nicely.


A bonus picture of the interior detail on the ikblue dome skin

The model has two frames, but only one of them is for visual purposes. The first frame is the dome for use in maps. The second frame is a “spacer” which makes sure that all of the vertices of the model are exactly aligned with the mapping grid. If you select the vertices, you can see the size to create brushes which exactly match the model. Create a 128×128 brush 64 units below the model, and centre the brush on the model horizontally. Make an octagon from the brush by cutting off the corners with a 45 degree line, starting 80 units into each side. This gives you a brush which will align with the outside of the dome. For a hollow tower, the walls should be 16 units thick on the north, east, south and west sides, with thinner diagonal walls that join the main walls together.


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