Work-in-progress fbxtomdl script

Been a bit of recent discussion at func_¬†where people have been using the fbx format for models. I’ve bashed together a script which will hoover up a collection of fbx frames and convert them into an animated mdl file. It takes the geometry and the UVs from the first file in the series.

Installing it requires python 3.1 and a couple of libraries. The difficult one is the fbx python library from:,topicNumber=d0e8430
The fancy installer doesn’t really count for much, because it installs in “program files” and makes you manually copy the folder into your python directory.

The other library you need is qmdl from this very website, which is at least honest enough to provide you with a zip to install from manually.
Click here to get the script…


SUB_NormalizeAngles bug squashed

SUB_NormalizeAngles is a handy bit of code for rotating entities. It maps a vector of angles so that each has its unique value between 0 and 360 (the range that we usually deal with angles in). A subtle bug has been causing me problems, so I will now expose it.
Lots of source code below the fold