Standalone fbxtomdl

Please note! fbxtomdl has proven to be so popular that it’s got a page dedicated to it. Please visit for the latest version instead!

Following on from last week’s script for converting fbx to mdl format, here’s a bundle with lots of extra features, like skin importing, flags, bug fixes etc. Download it from

There’s instructions to use it in the zip, and the -h command switch summarises the command options. You need all the files in the zip to live in the same directory as the executable. I’d recommend unpacking the whole lot to a mdlconv directory, then for each model you create make a new subdirectory of mdlconv i.e. v_axe. You then call fbxtomdl from the mdlconv directory with “-d v_axe”.

The sourcecode for the script is posted below, but hidden for your protection. I believe the only way to get all the libraries to work is to use python 3.1 – and to do that I had to install argparse, the fbx library, and the Python Imaging Library. The PIL was a really tough one, it took building the package from scratch and fixing compiler errors along the way. Still, if you want to modify the algorithm or do fancy things like framegroups read on…