Download waterfall.zip

The waterfall model has been missing from my list of re-uploads, but with good reason. There were a number of things that I wanted to fix with that model, and in the end I remade the whole thing.

The model comes with 5 skins:
Blue water
Brown water

It also comes with 4 animation sequences. The first sequence is a looping sequence, it can be placed in a map without any code and will animate automatically. The other three sequences are not grouped and so you have to animate in code. The middle sequence is the same loop of the water falling, just ungrouped. The other two sequences show the water beginning to fall, and stopping. Between the three of them you can create a source of water which starts and stops.

An important note: the animations are exported at 20 fps, rather than the usual 10 fps quake operates at. The looping sequence animates at the correct rate automatically, but you need to code the others with this in mind. The high frame-rate is just one of the enhancements in version two of this model. Some of the others include:

  • Water that falls at the correct rate for normal quake gravity, including acceleration! You can make slower falling liquids if you want more viscous lava or slime – the high framerate will stretch to being played back up to half as slow.
  • Better skins! Last time some of them were more proof of concept, I think they’re all up to scratch now.
  • The actual layout of the skin has changed as well so that there’s a distinct top and bottom(although the bits in the middle are still repeated and mirrored). This helps creating skins that are clearly oriented, and the motion is easier to read.
  • The model is resized to 64 units wide by 144 units tall, so the space it occupies is easy to judge in-editor. This also makes the texture match the texture density on map surfaces (horizontally at least)

As with the original, adding new skins to the model is encouraged to match the surrounding water. Simply pasting the water texture into a skin is a simple way to create a decent effect, and adding some splashes to the edges and a wave to the bottom will go a long way.


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