This pack is part of a series of models for creating windows in quake maps, designed to work even in engines with no .alpha support.

The zip contains two models. Both are decals to apply to windows, suited to a base themed map.

raddecal.mdl is the larger of the two, which is a cut-out radiation hazard symbol in white.

hazard.mdl is a warning triangle decal with a selection of different skins depicting different hazard logos.

  1. Flammable
  2. Explosive
  3. Biohazard
  4. Radioactive
  5. High Voltage
  6. Extradimensional Creatures
  7. Teleportation Field

As decals, both should be placed with their origins on the edge of the glass they are applied to, at an outwards-facing angle. Both models have a very small additional offset built in, so they won’t z-fight with a brush-face aligned against them.


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