Levels Monitor

Download levels.zip

This is a model of a screen displaying a bar chart, where the levels are moving up and down. Designed to be idbase style but probably usable in any tech environment. This model is based on the last model I made, which displayed an oscilloscope on a screen. All I did was replace the polygons in the screen with a new set, and created a matching animation and a simple skinmap on these components. This meant the turnaround between deciding to make this model and finishing was only 1 hour!

The model only has one skin, and one animation, where the levels move up and down in an automatic loop. You’ve probably seen textures like this in maps before, but animating this as a model has a few advantages. One is that you get a complete 3d model without needing to edit any brushes. The second is that the animation can be much longer than an animated texture allows – in this case 37 frames long. Lastly, the model animation offers double the framerate of an animated texture, which is further improved if the engine supports interpolation.

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