button-ready button-pressed button-wood button-swamp button-metal button-stone
Download button.zip

This is another model experimenting with “Special-FX” animations made with polygons. To take a break from all the based-themed animations, this is a push button with medieval skins.

The button has a Quake-Q design, and it has three states, rather than the two a traditional button texture offers. The first is an “unpowered” state which is flat, unlit and unanimated. Next is the “ready” state where the button is lit up, ready to be used, and pulses. Finally, the “activated” state has a subtler animation and a brighter colour, for when the button has been triggered already. The states are set by the frames in the model – the animations loop automatically, so frame 0 is unpowered, frame 1 is ready and frame 2 is activated.

The model comes with 5 designs:

  • Wizard Blue
  • Red Wizwood
  • Swampy Metal
  • Runic Metal
  • Sandstone

Each design has a choice of glow colours: red/yellow or orange/blue, making 10 skins in total.

The animations are designed to be interpolation friendly in two ways. Firstly the looping animations look even smoother in an engine with interpolation, and there are no glitches where an animation is resetting. Secondly, switching between two animations when the button changes state produces a very brief animation, which appears correctly regardless of the current frame. In engines without interpolation, the animation plays back with double the framerate of a conventional BSP button, and can afford to last longer.

The model should be reasonably easy to create new skins for. You don’t have much flexibility in how you create the glow effects, I would recommend sticking with the solid gradients and just choose new colours if you desire. If the selection of skins doesn’t match the theme of your map, painting a different design of button should be straightforward. Use the existing skins as a guide to where the Q sign goes – this is baked into the geometry so you need to match it pretty closely. Other than that do whatever you like!

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