Runic Barrier


This model is a mystical counterpart to the forcefield model. It’s for creating a pretty effect where you might normally use a particle-field. The model draws a series of runes which appear and disappear as if being drawn and erased by brushstrokes. The designs of the characters are based on Nasta’liq script, although the letters don’t mean anything, they were chosen to look pretty. This script is read right-to-left, so for authenticity place the model so that the player primarily sees characters moving from the right to the left side.

The model comes with 4 very simple skins:

  • Orange
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Red

It should be very easy to create any colour of skin you want.

The simple way to use this model is to place it with frame 0 when the barrier is up, and remove it when the barrier is down. Frame 0 will loop automatically.

If you would like to see the characters appear and disappear naturally when the barrier is toggled, then you need to use the “start” “loop” and “end” sequences. To make the transition seamless, you need to always follow “start36” with “loop1”, and always wait for “loop44” before starting the “end” sequence. To allow for the necessary synchronisation, this loop sequence does not automatically animate .

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