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Poster is the first model on this site to be made as a collaboration*, so thanks to Ijed for creating so many of the skins on this model. The model was originally designed for the window-kit collection – the intent being that a poster could illustrate the position of a transparent pane of glass, in the same way as the decals. However, it works equally well on a wall.

The model comes with 16 frames, in pairs. The odd numbered frames are larger versions of the preceding even frame. The first 4 pairs are of the poster largely intact, with slight variations. The latter 4 pairs have the poster in increasingly torn down states. Position the model facing away from the surface it is pasted to, with its origin 8 units in front of the surface.

The above screenshots show off all the complete skins in the model, there are a variety of choices for both tech and medieval maps. The ones from Lovecraft onwards were made by Ijed, again many thanks are due to him. There are also two template skins in the model right at the start. One is blank and flat, the other is blank and torn. They are coloured in the quake player clothing colours, so you can use the palette shifting technique in QME to quickly generate a template in any colour from the quake palette. You can of course easily design custom skins from scratch. The skin mapping gives more space to the front than the back, but the newspaper skin demonstrates how you can paint both sides.

*nb. I went back and checked, and this isn’t really true. Back when I was posting the classic models I uploaded the submachine gun model which had variants made by Dr Shadowborg. It is the first collaboration out of the modern models though…


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