Download helijet.zip

helijet.mdl is a light scouting aircraft. I’ve posted it as a mapobject because I think the most likely use anyone could make of it is to have one stashed in the background of a map somewhere to add visual interest. However, the package does come with all the models you’d need to make a full fly-a-helijet mod: two models (the helijet and the pilot) and a full colour skin for the helijet model.

The helijet has a single animation, the opening side hatches. The original intention was to have racks for storing cargo like a medpack, weapons, etc on the inside of this door, but these are sold separately. It’s probably enough to just use the first frame for normal flight or landing pose.

The pilot is the standard quake ranger model, positioned to sit in the helijet. Just set the origin and angles of the pilot entity to concur with that of the helijet and they should be lined up perfectly. The animations are

  • sit – one frame basic pose
  • pain – takes a hit and flinches
  • button – presses something on the console
  • die – slumps down on the console after being shot
  • enter – climbs in to the helijet crudely. You can play this one backwards for a dismount.

If you want to use a different pilot just e-mail me about it. I’ve still got the skeleton in gmax with these animations so it’ll be easy to arrange.


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