blinds.mdl is a mapobject model to decorate your windows with venetian blinds! The design behind the model was to create continuity between the external and internal view of a window, while still permitting the window itself to block visibility. This trick may have been slightly stolen from L4D2…

The first two frames of the model are for the interior and exterior. The interior has polygons blocking sight through the back of the window, which are fullbright to mimic blindingly intense outside light. The exterior has a similar blocking polygon, this time pitch black gloom. Finally, there’s a frame with no blocking polygon if you want to allow the player to see through the window between the slats.

Obviously for this model to be effective you will need to build the geometry exactly about it. The window is 32 units by 16, and is 4 units deep. The origin of the model is actually 8 units away from the deepest point of the window, and so still 4 units from the nearest point. You will likely need to use some kind of skip brush arrangement to block visibility across the window without obscuring the model.


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