Fusion Cannon

Download fusion.zip

The fusion cannon is a weapon model originally created for a tutorial on skin mapping during Qexpo 2006. The features on the model were driven by the tactics I wanted to share in the tutorial – the curved pipes, the bulbous nozzle, the three identical canisters which share texture space and the not-quite-cuboid stock were all things I wanted to demonstrate unwrapping. Or as I put it back then: “I tried to make something that would be a pain to skin with a 2-sided planar map”. I took a shine to this model and got 90% towards creating a finished model. Then I got distracted, and came back years later to put the last finishing touches on the skin, and sort out an animation.

The model comes with a high-res full colour skin (pictured), and a single animation sequence. The animation gave me an excuse to mess around with inverse kinematics on the pipes. The first person perspective on the gun doesn’t show the animation off brilliantly but it’s neat all the same. Unlike the other recent weapons models, this gun did not rely on QME, so it’s really built like the modern models on this site.

When I shared this model for the tutorial, I uploaded the unskinned gmax file for readers to have a go with. So it seems proper to include the finished gmax file with this model.


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