The return of the Qexpo Tutorial

If you keep up with the modelling thread on func_ you’ll know I was gathering the remains of the Qexpo Modelling tutorial. Now I’m putting it back online, the first 4 installments are done and the remaining 4 should follow very soon.

I pondered a while about how to post up the tutorial. Mainly because there are things within the articles that I no longer consider to be the best approach. The articles always run models through QME to finish them off, and now I see disadvantages in that. They also use QuArK for model conversion, and the fact that I wrote a whole program to substitute for that step might indicate some weaknesses.

In the end though I decided it was better to present them more-or-less as they were originally. I couldn’t help doing a little bit of editorial work as I was typing them back up, just to improve clarity in badly phrased things, or to fix two diagrams that were transposed accidentally in the original. What I do intend is go through them afterwards and add some footnotes or annotations to things that I now think should be done differently. For now though, take a pinch of salt and check them out:

The Qexpo 2006 Modelling Tutorial

Many thanks to Madfox for archiving the content of this tutorials. Without him this wouldn’t have been possible!


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