New md3tomdl, qmdl, fbxtomdl, and updated models

A few days ago I released a new version of md3tomdl which fixed a couple of long-standing bugs. Most importantly, there was a bug in the md3 loading code which incorrectly calculated normal vectors almost all of the time. These incorrect normals were then applied to the mdl files, which manifested visually as models which were overly bright in-game. Luckily while writing the mdl normals post earlier last month, creating the side-by-side shots exposed this error and the bug was easy to fix. I strongly advise that you download the latest version and recompile all your models with it.

Since most of the models on this site use md3tomdl at some point in their construction, a large number of files were adversely affected. I’ve now gone through and the following models have updated versions posted:

If you’re using any of these models it’s worth picking up the latest versions to fix this issue.

Also out this week is a new edition of qmdl, and a corresponding update to fbxtomdl. The main change to fbxtomdl concerns loading indexed-palette skins: the indices are now transferred directly into the model. This avoids the ambiguities of converting based on the colours, since the Quake palette has multiple entries with the same colour.


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