Door Pull


The two models contained are mapobjects designed to add details to doors in your map. Each one is a ring-shaped door pull that will suit a medieval or metal themed map well. The download contains two model files which are identical apart from the size of the model(the small variant would lose too much precision as a frame of the large model). I like to think of them as Man-Sized and Shambler-Sized.

The back face of the model is exactly 8 units away from the model’s origin, and should be positioned flush against the surface of the door the ring is attached to. It will probably be difficult to move the door pull with an active door, so you may have to limit it to static doors.


One thought on “Door Pull

  1. func_door_button was a no go. I did get the model to work well with func_rotate_door. Just made a point type rotate_object and targeted the door.

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