Gas Cylinder


cylinder.mdl is a mapmodel of a large natural gas container. The model is very simple, just a single static pose. The texture is all rust and bubbled paint – it’s more contemporary than the near-future feel of most base themes in Quake, but pop it in a run-down or archaic part of your map and it should be suitable.


5 thoughts on “Gas Cylinder

  1. Preach, your output is awesome!
    I was wondering if you could make a model of like “cables hanging from the ceiling”.

    I´m doing it right now with func_illusionaries:

    Maybe if you find some time…


    • Yeah, that sounds like it would be a handy model (although the ones in your map already are pretty effective). If I do it right then they could have some extra skins for medieval maps which turn them into ropes instead. I’ll try and resist the temptation to go too over the top with crazy animations, sparks, etc…

  2. That your choice, i´m concerned bout the .mdl not beeing scalable.
    But thats a drawback we have to cope with in Q1 right?


  3. Well, the model can have a selection of different frames to allow some variation in width. You can also have some cables connecting from wall to ceiling along with ceiling to ceiling hanging cables. You don’t want the model to go from really big frames to really small ones because mdl format won’t render the small one very accurately in that case. But having some cables stretch twice as far would be fine. Add to that the ability you’ll have as a mapper to rotate them, and hide some amount of the length inside the ceiling where it can’t be see, and I’m sure there will be ample variety.

    • Wow, thats a lot more than i expected.
      32 unit sized difference between the frames would do the job just as accurate as those illusionaries, maybe even 64.

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