Hazard Tape

Download hazardtape.zip

A length of hazard stripes tape to cordon off dangerous parts of your map.
If you think you’ve seen this model before, it’s because I released a very similar length of biohazard tape before. This model needs a separate file because it has a specially designed skinmap so that the edges of the hazard stripes are hard.

The model comes with 1 skin and 4 animation sequences. The first sequence is a static pose. The second is a gentle bobbing animation with both ends of the tape secured. The third is a more vigorous animation where one of the ends has broken free. The fourth is an animation where the tape falls to the floor.

Although in theory warning tape is for warding people off, the bright colour and motion will actually attract the player’s attention and can be used in maps to highlight important areas. The first 3 poses animate automatically, just place the model in your map as desired. The fourth sequence needs to be animated manually. You could trigger it when the player touches the warning tape, but that might betray the L4D roots of the model a bit too strongly. Alternatively use the final frame as a static pose. Either way, place it 8 units above the floor.


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