QME skin reduction trick

QME has a number of tools up its sleeves for creating front/back skinmaps for Quake models. As I mentioned in a skinmapping retrospective a while back, just having an editor which lets you manipulate vertices allows for models that were previously impossible to make. However, one of QME’s features that never fulfilled its promise was the “Cut Away Unused Skin” command. Continue reading

Removing “busy” random polling

Imagine that we have an entity which does nothing until a random time in the future. At regular intervals it generates a random number, and once the random number is small enough, it does whatever it was waiting for. Maybe it then returns to the same idle state, polling the random numbers periodically again. Continue reading

Proper ogre aiming

Today we’re going to revisit a classic problem: getting ogres to aim properly – varying their attack to correctly hit enemies at different distances and elevations. Previous attempts I’ve seen at solving this problem work by varying the projectile’s speed in order to affect a hit. This seems like an unfair advantage for the ogre to have – the player can only fire grenades at one speed and must vary her angles to score direct hits. We will try to create a function which calculates angles for the ogre┬áto fire at, and then change the ogre grenade code to use those angles. Continue reading