Unusual func_door_secret angles

Another post responding to topics from func_msgboard, this time we’re looking at gaining finer control on the classic func_door_secret entity. In particular we’ll be looking at rick’s question on func_door_secret from the Mapping Help thread, although lots of the earlier posts had similar requests. So we first will create a func_door_secret that moves horizontally, then moves upwards vertically. Later we’ll get a bit deeper into how editors usually do angles, and why we need this hack. Continue reading

Save Game Detection

In an earlier coding entry I posted about various properties you could give QuakeC variables through naming them specially. Today we’re going to look at another property we can give a variable – the “nosave” property. As the name suggests, this variable will not be stored when the player saves a game. This is a keyword that old compilers don’t support, so grab FTEQCC if you want to code along at home. We’ll look at how save games are loaded by the engine, and what we can do with nosave variables. Continue reading

Origin of the entities

The origin key in Quake can sometimes be tricky to understand, because the intuitive idea of how it works doesn’t quite fit for brush-based entities in a map. It may be helpful to imagine that the origin key serves double duty; depending on the type of entity, the value should be interpreted as either an absolute position or a relative offset. Let’s break that down in detail. Continue reading