The Factory Pattern

Today we’re going to look at another pattern from the wider world of programming, and see what we can do with it in Quake. As the title suggests, we’re going to use the Factory Pattern, probably made most famous by Java. We won’t try to define it up front though, we’ll just play around with a clean copy of the QuakeC source until we discover it, then look back on it when we’re done. Continue reading


fbxtomdl 0.3

Version 0.3 of fbxtomdl fixes inaccuracy in conversion of the UV coordinates to mdl format. It also upgrades the code to be compatible with the latest version of the fbx python library (2015.1).

“Quoth Required” message

Playing through random maps in my ID1 directory this weekend, I encountered maps that belonged to two other mods. Lots of them were maps for Quoth, which I often played through unaware, until the lack of Quoth entities broke them. When I played one that belonged to Zerstörer though, the map made sure I knew I was using the wrong mod. First it sent a polite text message. Then when I ignored it and started through the first doorway, an instant-death trigger stopped me in my tracked. Today we’re going to devise a hack to replicate that in the Quoth maps – the challenge being that Quoth supports all the entities and features of ID1, so how can you make an entity which appears in the latter but not the former? Continue reading