“Quoth Required” message

Playing through random maps in my ID1 directory this weekend, I encountered maps that belonged to two other mods. Lots of them were maps for Quoth, which I often played through unaware, until the lack of Quoth entities broke them. When I played one that belonged to Zerstörer though, the map made sure I knew I was using the wrong mod. First it sent a polite text message. Then when I ignored it and started through the first doorway, an instant-death trigger stopped me in my tracked. Today we’re going to devise a hack to replicate that in the Quoth maps – the challenge being that Quoth supports all the entities and features of ID1, so how can you make an entity which appears in the latter but not the former?

On the whole, I discourage hacks in Quoth, mostly for concerns of how future-proof they are. Hacks are often based on very specific details of how the code works now, which might very well change in the future. To give a concrete example of this, imagine that you add a hack to your map which uses OgreGrenadeExplode. That function is actually used by the Defender‘s grenades as well, so it might seem sensible one day to rename it MonsterGrenadeExplode to make it more descriptive. Now your hack doesn’t work, and worse the map probably crashes!

Luckily today we’re using a Quoth feature as documented (although in an unusual way), so you needn’t worry that future versions will invalidate it. The key lies in the extra Co-op Spawnflags that Quoth supports, which allow entities to only spawn in co-op, or to spawn when not running co-op. The hack is simply to add both spawnflags at once! Now the entity is removed in both cases. Of course, since ID1 doesn’t understand these spawnflags at all, the entity still appears in vanilla quake. Instant-death for all!

If you’re of a much more generous nature than that, you could use this power more extensively to create a map that functions in both Quoth and ID1. At the simplest, you can add vanilla monsters with both co-op spawnflags to replace Quoth monsters in the ID1 version, swapping droles for vores, shamblers for vorelings and so on. Depending on how extensively you use Quoth entities, you could extend this to weapons, powerups, even stuff like Breakables and rotating things could be replaced. Probably though if you’re intending to try this, stay away from the esoteric Quoth stuff and make your life that much easier. Have fun!


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