Toggleable trigger_push

Today we’re going to come up with a very handy base for a whole host of hacks, and demonstrate it with a trigger_push. The idea is to create a trigger which moves between two positions (using some of the func_door code to enable the movement). By having one of the positions be inside the map and one outside, we effectively have a trigger we can turn on or off by targetting it. The choice of trigger_push has some interesting interactions with this hack as well. Thanks to DeeDoubleU over at func_ for suggesting this challenge. Continue reading


Selective clipping

Today we’re going to create a pair of entity classes; one of which will work like a brush that only collides against players, and its opposite which collides with everything but players. However, these entities work best when they are comprised of clipping brushes, and there’s a quirk with clip in brush entities we must work around first. Continue reading