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This week Sock’s new mod Arcane Dimensions has been released, and it’s awesome so you should go check it out. I was also very chuffed to see some of the models from this site featured, and since the Smoke Plume is foremost among those used, I thought I’d celebrate by releasing a new model in a similar vein.

Vortex is a “special effects” model which looks like a sucking vortex of doom. It would be ideal for an level-end teleporter you want to make especially obvious, and could also be used to create a whirlpool with the right skin.

The model comes with a single looping animation of the vortex in action, plus four skins:

1: Purple Maelstrom
2: Teleporter Malfunction
3: Van de Graaff
4: Quicksand

This model would look very angular and wrong if you computed the vertex normals in the usual way. So included with the model in this zip is the python script I used to create it and all the source files. The batch file included will build the model and run the python script, so long as you have the following tools on your path:

a) md3tomdl
b) a version of python with the qmdl module installed

This is the recommended way to add extra skins to the model – add them to the list of skins in model.py and re-run the batch file.


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