qmdl 0.6


Fix to helper.py loading the bytes of the skin correctly (thanks to Redfield for figuring this out). This makes the module compatible with Python 3.6 onwards.



2 thoughts on “qmdl 0.6

  1. Not sure if I’m right, but I found the qmdl v.06 package with a qmdl v0.5.txt.
    Maybe it is a typo, but untill now only qmdl v0.1 can export one md3 file to mdl.
    I was looking for a way to convert md3 group files to a single mdl file.

    • Ah yeah, I see what happened. The readme lists the patch notes for v0.6, but I forgot to change the number at the top of the file when I uploaded. Don’t worry, the library is v0.6 not v0.5…

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