I’m Preach, and this is my new home for all my Quake related things. I usually focus on the modelling and coding sides of quake, so most of the day-to-day posts here will be of models I’ve made, or excerpts of QC code you might find useful. Any content you find here is offered without licence terms or conditions for use in Quake.

Foremost of the larger projects which lives here is Quoth, the single player Quake mod adding high quality custom monsters, along with an extended library of other entities to create complex, dynamic and different maps. Hosted here is the mod itself, along with a selection of map packs, and the Tutorial for mappers who want to create Quoth maps.

Also hosted are a selection of utilities related to Quake in general:

  • md3tomdl is a command line converter from the MD3 format to the MDL format. Most of the models on this site were created using this.
  • qmdl is a python library for loading, manipulating and saving mdl files. It can be used as a compliment to md3tomdl, taking the fairly “raw” output of md3tomdl and running a script on it to rename the frames, import extra skins, etc.
  • fbxtomdl is an offshoot of qmdl, which fills a similar role to md3tomdl. It takes a collection of fbx files and binds them up into a mdl file. Although written as a python script, a standalone executable is available for users without python.
  • makepak.py is another python script, this time to package a folder into a pak file.

Thanks to the shub-hub at http://www.quaketastic.com for providing a place to host quake models.