Security Cameras

Today’s map hack allows you to create an point entity which watches for the player like an idle monster. When it notices the player it will fire its targets. The simplest use of this hack is to use it to place a “security camera” (or a “haunted statue/painting/idol” depending on the theme of your map) that alerts monsters or sets off traps unless the player can avoid its gaze. They can also be carefully placed to react when an actual monster is alerted to the player, effectively allowing you to trigger events on monster waking. Continue reading


In praise of SUB_CalcMoveDone

It comes up time and time again in map hacks, but why is SUB_CalcMoveDone such a versatile function? Today she gets her day in the sun, where we learn all the useful features of the function, revisit some old applications and see some new ones as well! Continue reading

The Alternator

Last week’s map hack post had a requirement that some of the triggers fire in a particular order. In that post, the ordering was achieved by applying a delay to one of the triggers, but this was acknowledged to be insufficient for the map to work in co-op. In order to get the ordering without the delay, we could have resorted to putting the entities in a specific order within the map, as seen in several previous hacks. But can we do any better…

Five Statues Challenge

Jon Cednert submitted the latest reader challenge.

I have 5 statues in a room, kindof in a circle. There’s also 5 spotlights that each points to a statue, but they are turned off by default. Whenever you walk up to any of the statues, I want its corresponding spotlight to light up, and stay on, even if you walk away from the trigger.
The only thing that could turn that first spotlight off, is by walking up to any of the other 4 statues, and light up its corresponding light.

Challenge accepted! Here’s a quick video of the map I came up with

Continue reading