fbxtomdl 0.5

Version 0.5 of the standalone build of fbxtomdl is now released


This release incorporates the fixes from qmdl v5 and so creates .mdl files which are better compatible with Winquake. Also please note the feature from v0.4 which was not previously highlighted; the -g switch allows you to group ranges of frames, e.g. “fbxtomdl.exe -g 1-6,33-40,50-53”.


qmdl 0.5


Fixes to several deficiencies in the Mdl saving code causing issues with Winquake:

  • Onseam flag uses the value 32 instead of 1 to prevent visual corruption
  • Added helper functions to correct bbox_max and bbox_min values for frame to prevent a crash in winquake
  • added recalculate_header function to calculate correct values for boundingradius and average_size fields, improving rendering in winquake

The helper object has been enhanced to automatically run these helper functions on the mdl file before each save.

qmdl v0.4


  • Support for Md3 format added to qmdl in new module. Same principle as the existing Mdl module. Also an example script (to be expanded on) which performs conversion from Md3 to Mdl format.
  • Two new methods added to the Mdl module for dealing with models that mix framegroups and frames or skingroups and skins. The basic_frames member is a generator which iterates over all the poses of the model – i.e. returning the individual frames one at a time when encountering a framegroup. basic_skins works the same for skins.
  • Various tweaks to the rest of the code to make it more “pythonic”.