Corpse Removal

Corpse removal is an invaluable tool at times. You now have at your disposal a completly customizable corpse removal feature.

Per Worldspawn
Adding the key “corpse_time” to your map’s worldspawn controls the delay before corpses are removed. It defaults to 15 seconds. If you wish, you can change this setting to however long or short is needed. In addition, it can be disabled completly by setting this key to “-1” so corpses will never disappear.

Per Monster
Furthur customization is possible. Each monster can have it’s own corpse_time setting. When you add a “corpse_time” key to a monster, it will override the global setting from the worldspawn only for that particular monster. The same rules apply here: any delay can be set, or “-1” can be used to disable corpse removal for this specific monster.
This can come in handy if you have a horde of monsters but wish to keep corpses. You can have only some of the monsters’ corpses remain on the ground while the majority of them are removed.

If a monster dies in water, the removal of the corpse will not make a splash sound as it is disappears, and the model will not turn black as its center moves below the floor. For rotfish, their corpses will rise to the surface of whatever water volume they are in and float at the surface indefinitely.

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