Quoth is a mod for Quake adding new monsters, items, entities and resources for single-player and coop custom maps. The latest release is Version 2.2.


Quoth 2.2 full (52.0 MB) includes all the files you need to run Quoth. Download, and follow the instructions in the text file to install.

Quoth 2.2 patch (2.7 MB) will upgrade version 2.0 and 2.1 of Quoth to the latest version. If you have versions before 2.0, please download the full install.

quoth2.fgd is the entity definition file for the Worldcraft and Hammer editors, updated with all the new entities and features for 2.2.


View the 2.2 changelog here.

Map Packs

2.2 comes with a script to launch Quoth and Quoth maps without using the command line. Visit the map packs page to find a selection of paks to use with the launcher, and where to find more maps for Quoth. Once you’ve downloaded a pak, simply drag-and-drop it onto launch.bat to play it.


If you want to start creating new maps for Quoth, visit the mapping tutorial. It comes with a comprehensive guide to all the new entities, and is up to date with the changes relating to 2.2

8 thoughts on “Quoth

  1. hey just tried out quoth for the first time, really enjoyed it! i could see someone making an rpg addon for it. seems like it would go well together.

  2. Hi, I just downloaded this mod and I really like the expanded functionality you’ve added to mapping. I’m wondering with regards to custom models, is there a way to get models in with correct collision? I can apply a custom model to func_wall_point and collison is perfect but for some reason any key value for angles doesnt apply to said model. I get some success with grouping invisible brushes to a custom_mapobject but its not ideal. Am I missing something or is this just the way it is? Even still this is a pretty cool mod so thanks.

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