Map Packs

Quoth 2.2 introduces a “launcher” file, which allows you to play Quoth without needing to use the command line. One of the benefits it offers is support for packaged maps. Packaged maps contain a custom map release, with all the sounds, models and maps needed to play in a single file – making it easy to install and uninstall new releases. The launcher handles activating the map pak and launching the map in one go – just drag and drop the pak file onto the batch file to play it.

This page lists the pak files available to use with the launcher (click the name on the left to download). Along with links to new releases, this page hosts some existing releases repackaged for the launcher, including the Lost Chapters which was made for the predecessor to Quoth but has just been ported. Other than being repackaged these maps are unchanged from the originals, but if you played them first time round why not take a trip down memory lane? If you enjoy one of these maps, please share your feedback on the func_msgboard release threads linked below – your support keeps mappers creating maps.

New for 2.2

jam9 | Map Jam 9 by many authors (15 maps in pack) | thread
Note: some of these maps require an engine with extended limits, so the zip file contains an adaptor for the launcher which forces it to use Quakespasm.

metmon | Metal Monstrosity by sock | thread
Note: to use this map with the launcher, you must follow the instructions in the readme and rename the pak file to metmon.pak first.

escape | Escape From Your Cell by daya | thread

Prior to 2.2

starkmon | Stark Monstrosity by RickyT23 | thread

5rivers | The Five Rivers Land by JPL | thread

apsp3 | Subterranean Library by Than | thread

chapters | Lost Chapters by various authors (8 map “hubisode”) | thread

dis_sp6 | Ruined Nation by Distrans | thread

e1m5quotha | Gloomier Keep by Kell | thread

fort_driant | Fort Driant by JPL | thread

gatetohell | The Gateway to Hell by JPL | thread

hrim_sp3 | Breakfast at Twilight by Hrimfaxi | thread

mfxsp17 | Mainfraim Mayhem by mfx | thread

src2 | The Slime Refinery Complex by JPL | thread

Thanks to all the authors for supplying their maps to be re-released in this format.

Still looking for more? Check out to find a comprehensive list of custom maps released for Quoth.

8 thoughts on “Map Packs

  1. Nobody has made a deathmatch map for Quoth as far as I know. We’ve done the bare minimum to make deathmatch functional, but it was never the aim of the mod. I suppose the plasma gun and the powerups might make for something you can’t get in vanilla deathmatch.

  2. Well I tried some, and in order to load in Darkplaces, coop has to be 1 and deathmatch 0, otherwise the engine locks up. collision problems I would assume. One map puts you in the dark then sends you centerprints before spawning, so you telefrag for a while till thats over, but from what I can tell there are no info_player_deathmatch spawns , at least in the ones I loaded, so I guess these are really Quoth specific and Fitz engine only. With some modifications I could probably get the Fort Driant map working…however its quite large in size. Most deathmatch maps seem to be 500kb to about 1 meg for the large ones. Maybe I will try some of the smaller ones in the list.

  3. I didn’t mean to suggest the maps are deathmatch compatible – the mod is deathmatch compatible in theory although not extensively tested. The maps are not made by us but by the individual authors, and I don’t think any of them ever set up deathmatch in their levels. I only meant to suggest that if somebody wanted to make a deathmatch map, they could, and there might even be a point to doing so…

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