This is a point entity for playing any ambient sound effect.

The sound file is specified with the “noise” key in the format “ambience/wind2.wav” (the “/sound/” bit is automatically added by the engine). The “volume” of the sound can also be set. Default is 1, maximum volume.

The attenuation, i.e. the way in which the sound fades out with distance, can be changed with the “speed” key. Higher values cause the sound to fade out faster, but anything above 4 or 5 fades out too fast to be useful. A value of -1 means no attenuation: the sound will be heard constantly throughout the map. Default is 1, normal attenuation.

Because this entity is for ambient sounds, only looped sound effects can be used. Any sound file without the ‘data chunk’ required to make it loop seamlessly will not load and will show an error message in the console. Also, this entity cannot be triggered on or off.

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