Quoth includes a variety of extra commands and cvars, most of which are aimed at the mapper developing their map. Players should know the following:

flashlight (impulse 13)
Bind a key to “flashlight” (or impulse 13 if you prefer) so that you can toggle the flashlight on or off (battery permitting)

This cvar allows the player to override any worldspawn model optimisations. Intended use is for a player who is running a custom engine with increased model limits, who doesn’t need the savings that a mapper has applied. By setting “scratch1 1” in their config, the optimisations will never get applied.

For developer purposes, “scratch1 2” applies all the model optimisations, regardless of map settings. This allows you to test how many models could be saved.

Warning: the engine will not correctly restore games loaded under a different scratch1 setting than they were saved with. The mod can detect this has occurred and will warn you, but you have to set the cvar and reload the save.

Cheats and developer commands:

The following commands are available, you can use the named command or the impulse which follows to trigger them:

Beware: while these cheats are intended as aids to map-making, the Cocytus Codex of Heresy contains the suggestion that players could make use of them to defeat maps with ease. We as authors of Quoth have built in countermeasures against this: arcane hexes on these commands ensure anyone who abuses them shall be afflicted with boils!

weaponcheat (impulse 9)
More or less what it used to be, with the plasma gun added but not the hammer, and the keys moved to a separate command.

keycheat (impulse 253)
Gives the gold and silver keys.

lancecheat (impulse 249)
Named before the allegations against Armstrong, this command gives you the plasma gun.

bombcheat (impulse 66)
This command gives you The Bomb, but only when playing in co-op.

bomblots (impulse 65)
This command removes the single-Bomb-per-map restriction usually applied in co-op. Have fun…

hammercheat (impulse 99)
Make up for the weapon impulse 9 doesn’t deliver.

flashlightcheat (impulse 202)
Gives the user a flashlight.

trinitycheat (impulse 111)
Apply the effect of picking up a Trinity powerup

crosscheat (impulse 222)
Apply the effect of picking up a Cross of Deflection

quadcheat (impulse 255)
Apply the Quad Damage effect

runecheat (impulse 11)
Gives the player all four runes. Under the recommended command line settings for Quoth the runes will not be displayed on HUD but they can be accumulated as normal.

genocide (impulse 205)
Kills all the monsters currently in the map. Monsters that have yet to spawn are spared (currently).

mapcheat (impulse 223)
Prints the current Session Mapindex value for debugging, see info_mapgate for the details.

reveal (impulse 101)
Dumps the info for the entity you are looking at into the console.

trigger (impulse 102)
This command allows you to trigger events in your map by name.

To use the trigger code you must rename yourself to the event that you wish to trigger. For instance, if you wish to open a door which has “targetname” “metdoor1”, type into the console:

trigger;name metdoor1

Your name should be restored after using the command. You may find this command more useful in conjunction with the reveal command – use reveal to find the targetname of a door that blocks your path, and then trigger to open it.

edictsby (impulse 103)
This command works like the “edicts” command, but allows you to filter by classname. Like the trigger command above, you must rename yourself to the classname you want to filter by, e.g.:

edictsby;name trigger_hurt

Player names can only be 16 characters long, so some classnames are just too long to filter by! There is currently no workaround for this.

developer 2
In addition to turning on the usual developer features, setting developer 2 makes all triggers in the level visible. This may help you debug some unusual trigger issues.

developer 4
Setting developer 4 will make all monsters using the teleporting spawnflags blink on and off visibly at the point they will teleport in from. This may aid debugging spawning issues with these monsters. This can be combined with the previous developer aid by summing the values to get developer 6.

developer 8
Setting developer 8 will generate detailed logs of all target-targetname interactions as events are triggered in the map. This can be helpful to diagnose misfiring trigger set-ups. Add 2 or 4 to the developer value to combine with the developer flags above.

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