Coop Configuration

Quoth now supports the configuring of maps specifically for coop mode.
This is implemented primarily in the form of two additional spawnflags on all classes of entity, which are:

not_in_coop = 4096
coop_only = 8192

These are the next two spawnflags after “not_in_deathmatch.” As you would expect, any entity with “coop_only” flagged is removed when coop mode is not enabled, and any entity with “not_in_coop” flagged is removed when coop mode is enabled.

Be warned: the entities are mostly removed at the first instruction of the first frame of the game, which is marginally different behaviour from the other “not_in_…” spawnflags, where the entities are removed by the engine before they are spawned.

The demonstration of these features in pak1 is in e1m2quoth.
Over in the far corner of the center room, with the red glass domes, is an alcove concealing a GL. In SP this alcove is opened discretely when the player acquires the silver key, but in coop it is instead activated by a button in the room below.
The lower room is completely blocked off by a seamlessly textured func_wall flagged “not_in_coop”. The doors to the upper alcove are actually two different pairs, one pair for SP that are flagged “not_in_coop” and the other pair for coop which are, of course, flagged “coop_only” The file is included in the quoth SDK, so open it up and take a look if you like.

Worldcraft Users: you may find that you cannot tick the boxes for these two spawnflags, or that the boxes are not there. In this case, you can use the field “quothflags” to add one of these two spawnflags. Fill in one of the two above numbers in this field. If either of spawnflags or quothflags have that bit set, then the spawnflag will be used.

In addition to the above spawnflags, trigger_multiple, trigger_once and trigger_counter now support a new spawnflag:

broadcast = 2

This spawnflag will make sure centerprint messages from that trigger are broadcast to everyone connected to the server at that time. In the case of the trigger_counter, all players will see “there are more to go…” messages printed to them.

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