Quoth has a selection of human corpses that can be placed in a map as decoration. They are similar to the crucified zombie, but do not twitch and look more accurately human because they are sculpted from the grunt model.

Quoth Note
In respect to engine limits, we have now merged the corpses into just 3 models; flayed, lynched and impaled ( flayed and lynched variants have different lengths of rope added, so they cannot be merged any further; the crucified variants are incorporated into the impaled model). The various skins for each level of mutilation are incorporated into the relevant models. This does not affect your choice and placing of the corpse mapobjects in any way, but it does allow you to use as many corpse models in your map with a maximum of only 3 models required to be precached by the engine.

Remember however that each individual corpse, even if it is from the same model, requires an individual edict. We chose to make corpses dynamic edicts by default, as there is a lower limit for static entities. However, you can use spawnflag 1 to force the entity static.

Several different poses are available, in various states of mutilation. The entity name for each is a simple description of these.
Placing the corpses is slightly trickier than for other mapobjects because of the variety of poses and the likelihood that they will accompany brushwork features such as spikes or stakes.
For all the corpses, use the “angle” key to specify the direction of facing.

classname: corpse_crucified1, corpse_crucified2

Two variants, one without legs but the head still intact and one headless. Both are suspended vertically from the wrists, so they don’t have to be placed against a wall – a roof beam would work equally well.
The origin is directly between and slightly below the wrists, so place just below a ceiling surface.

In the case of all the remaining corpses, variant 1 indicates the skin depicts a complete corpse still wearing marine-issue camoflauge pants and variant 2 is a complete corpse without pants. The remaining variants have unequal levels of progressive mutilation.

classname: corpse_lynched1 … corpse_lynched3
classname: corpse_flayed1 … corpse_flayed4

Both these sets are suspended from lengths of rope. Lynched corpses are upright and suspended from the neck. Flayed are upside down suspended from the ankle. The origin for all of them is slightly below the top of the rope, so place just below a ceiling surface.

The origins for the following corpses are located in the center of the gut, where a spike or stake is expected to pass through. When impaling the corpses in your map, make the spike into a func_illusionary or func_wall so that the corpse will be lit correctly.

classname: corpse_impaled_front1 … corpse_impaled_front3

The corpses are face down as though impaled through the gut, limbs dangling straight down.

classname: corpse_impaled_back1 … corpse_impaled_back3

The corpses are face up as though impaled through the back, limbs splayed out and down.

classname: corpse_impaled_horizontal1 … corpse_impaled_horizontal4

The corpses are upright facing forward as though impaled horizontally through the gut.

classname: corpse_impaled_vertical1 … corpse_impaled_vertical3

The corpses are upright facing up as though impaled vertically from the arse to the head. Ouch.

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