Flame Braziers

classname: light_torch_long_walltorch

This is a variant of the standard id walltorch model. As the name suggests, the handle is a good bit longer and it also has a short metal chain and bracket so that it hangs form the wall at an angle.
Set the “angle” key to point towards the wall surface that the longtorch is to be mounted on.
Place the entity’s origin 8 units from the wall. For a wall angled at 45° place the entity’s origin at a distance of 6 units diagonally.

classname: light_flame_brazier_short
classname: light_flame_brazier_tall

These two models are variants, the shorter version simply being the decorative top segment of the taller.
They are basically square in shape, like highly sculpted and textured brushwork, and exactly fit a space 16x16x16 and 16x16x56 respectively, not counting the flames on top.

The origin for both is centered on the flames, not the brazier itself, but at a height that allows them to be placed correctly with your editor’s grid set to 16 unit squares.

Place the short brazier so its origin is 16 units above the floor, and the tall brazier 64 units above the floor.

The editor bounding boxes specified in both the .def and .fgd provided in the download represent the volumes occupied by the braziers and the flames on top.

There are six matching skins for both sizes of brazier, which can be specified using the key “skin” with a numerical value as follows:

0 = knave (default: various kbrick trim textures from the knave.wad)
1 = rust (various kmetr trim textures from the knave.wad)
2 = redbrick (red versions of the kstn_ and kstone textures from the knave.wad)
3 = copper (based on the cop3_ telepad textures from the id wads)
4 = altar (based on the altar1_6 texture from the id wads)
5 = wizmet (yes everyone’s favorite texture, with angular runes on the taller brazier)

By default, mapobjects to do not block movement. To implement this simply, add a clip brush of the dimensions noted above placed on the floor.

For extra ( ahem ) authenticity, place a 16x16x16 trigger_hurt at the top of the entity and give it the following keys/values:
“dmg” “1”
“wait” “0.1”
“deathtype” “played with fire”

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