func_door_button is a variant of func_button which can be attached to a door, so that the pair of them move together. This is basically for making lifts with attached buttons. While the door is in motion the attached button and any other buttons which target the door are disabled.

Set this key to the targetname of the door you wish to attach the button to. If you require several doors, each with their own attached buttons but all of them affected by by the same trigger, then give them each a unique targetname, and use targetname2 to give all the doors a single name to be triggered. In all respects besides this key, the func_door_button is identical to a regular button, and the usual keys of wait, delay, target apply.

func_door_button does not ignore non-door entities when seeking its targetname entity (even though it will only bind to a func_door). This is a coding error that may be fixed in subsequent versions. For compatibility, ensure that the targetname for the func_door_button to bind to is unique among all entities, not just door entities.

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4 thoughts on “func_door_button

  1. I have found while setting up a func_door with a func_door_button used as a lift. If the door gets blocked the button breaks. I had the door set to toggle.

  2. Yup, I can replicate that bug. It’s gonna take a big delve into some code I’m not that familiar with to try and root out the cause of it. I can’t even use the excuse that I’ve never looked at it, because there are comments from me next to other bug-fixes in this code! Assuming I can figure it out, there will be a fix in 2.2.

  3. Ok, I think I have a fix for this now, so expect it in 2.2. I can’t really see a way to work round it in the meantime though, other than making it hard to block the door.

  4. V2.2 I could not reproduce the bug. I abused func_door_button by blocking and NO problem! I also targeted the door from another button to interrupt and reverse travel NO problem! I think it’s fixed. Also using a func_door as a lift is improved. Much smoother no bobbing.

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