func_rotate_entity is the simplest controller of a rotate_object. It creates an entity that continually rotates. Two spawnflags affect the operation:

Spawnflag 1=bit#1 is TOGGLE: this allows the rotation to be toggled on/off

Spawnflag 2=bit#2 is START_ON: whether the entity is spinning when spawned. Currently entities without TOGGLE cannot be turned off, so if you apply START_ON but not TOGGLE the entity will never stop.

rotate is the rate to rotate, in degrees per second

target must be set to the rotate_entity you wish to control

speed controls how long the entity takes to go from standing still to full speed and vice-versa.

deathtype controls the message that will appear when a player is killed by a func_movewall following this entity.

noise names the sound file which should be played when the entity is triggered to stop rotating (remember that you need the TOGGLE flag for this)

noise1 names the sound file to be played when the entity begins rotating

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