The sounds a func_train makes can now be customised. Set “noise1” to the path of the desired sound the train will make while in motion. This should be a looping sound file. Similarly set “noise” to the sound the train should make when motion ends.

Rather than set the speed at which the train should move, you may instead set the “duration” key, which will move the train at the speed required to make the journey take “duration” seconds between each path corner. If you need to specify the duration of each journey from path corner to path corner, see the path_corner entry.

The “count” key allows you to create clones of the func_train. Each one will start at the next free path corner until “count” clones have been created(in addition to the original) or until each path corner of the circuit has a train.


if TRAIN_SMOOTH is set, will not pause (unless wait is set) on path_corners. It will not apply damage either when blocked, you must use the TRAIN_BLOCKABLE flag to make it cause damage when blocked.

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