This is a visual effect entity that emits a pulse of dynamic light along a straight path, identical to the glow from an enforcer’s laser blast ( but without the projectile ).
The angle at which the pulse travels from the entity’s origin can be set with either the "angle" or "mangle" keys.
The "speed" key specifies the constant travel speed of the pulse in units per second.
Pulses will be emitted indefinitely, with a time lapse in seconds set via the "wait" key. If set to -1, only 1 pulse will be emitted.
The entity can also be triggered via the usual "targetname" key, and with a "delay" value before the first pulse is emitted.

If you’re very clever, you can even set up this entity to send a dynamic light to follow in sync with a moving func, e.g. an industrial elevator with its own light fixtures.

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