This entity is used for spawning multiple monsters from a single point. The entity will only spawn a monster if there is room, and will wait if there isn’t. Once it is activated, it will spawn the next monster after a delay, until it has created the amount of monsters specified.

The “count” key sets the total number of monsters to spawn.

The value for “spawnclassname” and “spawnfunction” should be the classname for the type of monster to be spawned e.g. monster_demon1. Both of these values must be added and both must be the same. Only one type of monster can be spawned from each info_multispawn.
Specify the number of monsters to spawn with “count”. Default is 1.

The “wait” key is used to specify the pause between each spawning. Use -1 if you want to trigger each spawn. It’s worth mentioning that even with wait set, you can trigger the entity at any point to reduce the waiting time for the next monster to spawn to 0.

Set the “awake” key to ensure the monsters wake up alert.

If you want to have different types of monster spawning into a horde, you can use multiple info_multispawn entities, but you cannot place them on top of each other without risking different monsters getting stuck.

It should be added that only the following keys get transferred from the info_multispawn to the entities spawned from it:

  • angles
  • spawnflags
  • target
  • corpse_time
  • startonground
  • aflag

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